A Bold New Direction

See what's coming in MinerBytes v3

Content Marketplace

Have you seen an asset on another MinerBytes screen that you wish you had? With the Content Marketplace, it will be a whole lot easier to acquire that asset! The marketplace will be a collaborative hub so that you can add other users' shared assets into your own playlists, much like a store where everything is free!

Playlist Scheduling

With Playlist Scheduling, you will be able to tell your screens which playlist you want playing at certain times of the day, throughout the week. It will even support playing multiple playlists at the same time, having them hand off to one another until their time slot is up. This will help you avoid a lot of the monotony of changing playlists on your screens, keeping relevant content displaying at the right times.

Orientation Locking

Orientation Locking helps simplify playlists and the assets each playlist contains. It will help you catch display hiccups like having a vertical asset on a horizontal screen before they ever become a problem. Orientation Locking will also clarify asset creation, enabling you to make dynamic assets that are viewable on either display orientation!

...and much more!

Many other exciting features are coming to MinerBytes in version three, including widgets for calendars, time, and weather, as well as a smoother and more intuitive design for creating assets and playlists, a simpler setup for each screen, and everything will be mobile-friendly!