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Signs for People

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MinerBytes is a digital signage system designed with people in mind. Missouri S&T's IT Research Support Services (ITRSS) started by basing its system on inexpensive parts to make MinerBytes affordable for everyone, making it expandable to meet anyone's needs. MinerBytes can display common image formats, videos, and web pages. Almost anything you can access on a web browser can be displayed. All of the user controls are wrapped into an intuitive web interface making it easy to manage any number of signs - from one to hundreds.

MinerBytes + You

Get Your Message Out. Get Noticed.

MinerBytes makes it easy to be seen. The web interface makes it simple to manage content and update signs. The built-in scheduler allows total control over when content shows: make the lunch menu show around noon on weekdays, make slides disappear after an event has occurred, show custom information for meetings and more. MinerBytes supports any 16:9 resolution and runs on minimal hardware. You'll get the best picture at the lowest cost.

The Nuts and Bolts

How it Works

When a user updates a sign or a playlist using the web interface, the server saves the new information. When the sign checks in with the server every few seconds, it notices the change in the playlist and updates accordingly. This way, content on signs is automatically pushed and accounted for and updates within moments.

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MinerBytes has a simple pricing structure, no matter what your needs may be.

MinerBytes is designed for a supported, cohesive, and expandable experience. MinerBytes and all supporting hardware will be provided and installed by ITRSS technicians with ongoing support to ensure your system meets your needs. This includes a commercial-grade screen for superior image quality and longevity as well as a micro-computer to drive it.


Prices include the display, brain box, cables, software, and mount and are subject to change. Software licensing for MinerBytes is $150 annually per sign and includes one license per sign purchased.
Display Size Lease Term Price Per Display
32 inches 3 years $1320
48 inches 3 years $1625
55 inches 3 years $2005

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